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4walls.com:  Manufactures Three Pillars Design, SurrondBorders, and SurroundDecor border, murals, and custom work.

4 Winds:  Manufactures bamboo wallpaper.

À La Carte Design Services:  Exclusive distributor of WallArt custom wallcoverings.

A.J. Exhibits:  Borders with baseball and football themes.

A.L. Diament & Co.

A.Oppenheimer & Co.: Swedish wallpaper manufacturer. Makers of custom wallcoverings.  Website is in Swedish.

Acoustical Solutions Inc:  Manufactures acoustic wallpaper. 

A-decor:  Taiwanese wallpaper manufacturer.  Makers of customer digital wallpaper.

Adelphi Paper Hangings:  Manufactures historic wallpaper.

ADFORS:  French wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures acoustic wallpaper.

Alexander Beauchamp:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom and reproduction hand prints and Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Alpha Workshops, Inc:  Manufactures custom hand painted wallpaper.

Allyson McDermott:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures reproduction antique wallpaper.

Archive Printing Company Ltd:  English wallpaper manufacturer. Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures William Morris designed wallpaper.

Articor SA:  Spanish wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufacture cork wallpaper.

Ambience Designs:  Manufactures conventional and panoramic wallpaper borders.

Aussie Murals:  Australian wallpaper manufacturer.

Avignon:  Manufactures wallpaper that looks like stone, leather, or other natural material.

BGM Imaging:  Manufactures custom digital murals and borders.

BWT Industries, Inc:  Backings and treatments for fabric that can transform ordinary fabric into wallpaper.

Bekaert Textiles:  Belgian wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Berlin Tapete:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures digital wallpaper.  Website is in German, use this to translate.

Betontapete:  German wallpaper manufactuer.  Manufactures concrete look wallpaper.

Big Pictures:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures murals and custom murals. Website is in German, use this to translate.

Biri Tapet:  Norwegian wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures straw wallpaper.

Borders Unlimited:  Manufactures regular, custom, and reproduction borders.

Bradbury & Bradbury:  Manufactures historic wallpaper.

Brewster Wallcoverings:  Manufactures grasscloth, paintable wallpaper, and digital borders and murals.

Brunschwig & Fils:  Manufactures historic wallpaper.

Burt Wall Papers:  Manufactures hand printed reproduction wallpaper.

Bruce Fine Papers:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures antique wallpaper.

CLIGroup Inc:  (formerly known as Custom Laminations)  Backings and treatments for fabric that can transform ordinary fabric into wallpaper.  Manufactures Itex and Mytex wallpaper.

CI2 Custom Interior Imaging (CI2):  Manufactures digital murals, borders, and wallpaper.

Camp Kazoo Ltd:  Manufactures TransferMations murals for children.

Cards of Wood:  Manufactures wood veneer wall coverings.

Carol Mead Designs:  Manufactures hand-printed historic wallpaper.

Carter & Company/Mt. Diablo Handprints:  Manufactures reproduction and custom wallpaper.

Cavalier Prints and Cavalier Wallpaper:  Manufactures wall liner (liner paper or blankstock), bridging material, non woven and metallic wallpaper.

Charles Rupert Designs:  Exclusive distributor of historically correct time, period, or style wallpaper.

ColourEverything:  Australian wallpaper manufacturer. 

Colourlink London:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom digital wallpaper.

Concept Coverings Ltd:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom digital wallpaper.

Contemporary Design Interiors:  Manufactures custom designer wallpaper for design professionals and real estate/property developers.

createaborder.com:  Manufactures custom borders.

Crosspointe Fabrics:  Manufactures acoustic wallcoverings.

CYBERTEX Wallcoverings:  Korean wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures fluorescent, custom, photo, and acoustic wallpaper.

Cynthia Bogart Print Rooms:  Manufactures 18th century black and white prints used as borders, accents, etc.  Printed by Nicola Wingate-Saul Print Rooms in Alfriston, England.

Denise Fike Designs:  Makers of hand painted wallpaper.

Design-A-Border:  Manufactures blank border for consumers to paint or decorate on their own.

Design for Delight:  Retailer of retro (1940-2000) wallpaper.

Designer Classics:  Manufactures handprinted wallpaper.

DesignTex:  Manufactures acoustic and whiteboard wallpaper.

Digital Wallpaper:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Dongguan Ancient Textile Co. Ltd.:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer.  Website is in Chinese, use this to translate.

Donghia:  Manufactures of fabric, grasscloth, metal leaf, and natural fiber wallpaper.

D.W. Wallcovering:  Manufactures borders.

Environmental Graphics:  Manufactures photographic murals and map wallpaper.

Eripalmo S.A.:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

ewmoore.com:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Fabulous Imports Inc  Manufactures grasscloth wallpaper.

Face Visual Marketing Group:  Australian wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufacturers digital wallpaper.

Flavor Paper:  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Flex-A-Chart:  Manufactures cork and whiteboard wallpaper.

Flexi-Wall Systems:  Manufactures gypsum-coated fabric wall liner.

Flügger Group (Flugger):  Danish wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

fxinteriors.com:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Gilford:  Manufactures acoustic, wood veneer, textile, custom, and DécorGraphics digital wallpaper.

George Spencer Designs:  English wallpaper manufacturer.

Gracie:  Manufactures handpainted wallpapers, Papier Chinois, handpainted reproductions, and restoration of antique wallpaper.

Graham & Brown:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Paste the Wall nonwoven wallcoverings and Super Fresco paintable textured wallpaper.

Great Wall Custom Coverings:  Manufactures murals and custom wallpaper.

Grey Panther Design:  Manufactures self-designed borders.

Griffen Mill:  English manufacturer.  Suppliers of archival handmade paper to wallpaper conservators.

Hamilton Weston Wallpapers:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures reproductions of 18-19th century wallpaper, custom reproduction hand or machine prints, and custom colored wallpaper from archive designs.

Handtryckta Tapeter AB:  Swedish wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures hand painted and hand screened and block printed wallpaper.

Hannah's Treasures:  Retailer of retro (1930-1950) wallpaper.

Hohenberger Wallcoverings:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures flocked wallpaper.

Hollingsworth & Vose Company:  Manufactures non woven wall liner.

ICL Imaging:  Manufactures digital and photographic murals.

IPA Southern Fabric Laminating, Inc:  Backings and treatments for fabric that can transform ordinary fabric into wallpaper.

Icon Wall Stickers:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures photo wallpaper murals.

Image Graphics:  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Imagewalls.com:  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Indoff Inc: Manufactures MarkaWall whiteboard wallpaper.

Integrated Décor Solutions:  Manufactures Jot·a·wall dry erase wallpaper.

interior1900:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Ivey:  Manufactures photo murals.

JM Lynne:  Manufactures acoustic wallpaper.

J.R. Burrows & Company:  Manufactures historic wallpaper.

Jacaranda, Inc:  Manufactures wood veneer wall coverings.

Johnny-Tapete:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Joyway Papers Co., Ltd:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer. Makers of hand painted and hand printed wallpaper, historic Chinese murals, 18th century French wood block style murals, and chinoiserie style wallpaper.

Julius Hembus GmbH:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Makers of historic wallpaper.

Komar Products GmbH:  German photomural manufacturer.

Levwall, Inc:  Manufactures Levsound acoustic wallpaper.

LolliProps Inc:  Manufactures Tempaper, a temporary removable wallpaper.

Lutson Goudleder:  Belgian wallpaper manufacturer.  Makers of custom colored leather wallcoverings.

Lutz J. Walter:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Restoration of antique wallpaper specialist.  Website is in German, use this to translate.

Lyons Handcrafted Wallpaper:  Manufactures handcrafted wallpaper.

M. A. Baskind:  Manufactures children's borders.

MDC Wallcoverings:  Manufactures dry erasable, wood veneer, acoustic, and custom wallpaper.

m&mm:  English wallpaper manufacturer. Manufactures custom and reproduction hand printed wallpaper.

Magic Murals LLC:  Manufactures custom and photographic murals.

Magic Vinyl Printing:  Manufactures custom and photographic murals.

Marburg Tapenten:  Manufactures electromagnetic shielding wallpaper.

MASHALLAH.DESIGN:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures fringe wallpaper.

Marsh Industries Inc:  Manufactures Poly-Rite, a white-board style wallpaper.

MarvelsDeco:  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures silk wallpaper.

Mason & Wolf Wallpaper:  Manufactures historic wallpaper.

Maya Romanoff:  Manufactures sand-flocked, hand painted, rayon, diatomite, paper weave, wood veneer, mica, metal leaf, and bamboo wallpaper.

Maxalot:  Manufactures funky independently designed wallpaper.

McCall Pattern Company:   Manufactures Wallies wallpaper cutouts, murals, and borders.

MegaPrint Inc:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Meisel Visual Imaging:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Melinamade Fabrics and Wallpaper

Michael Rogers Wallcoverings:  Manufactures hand painted wallpaper.

Murals to Go:  Manufactures custom hand painted wallpaper.

myfotowall.com:  English wallpaper manufacturer.

MyWall:  Turkish wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom and digital wallpaper.

mywhiteboards.com:  Sole distributors of Opti-Rite white board wallpaper.

Neo Silk Road:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures silk wallpaper.

Newcastle Fabrics Corp.

Newport Coast Wallcovering:  Manufactures rice paper, natural weave, grasscloth, wood, stone, and Oriental wallpaper.

Nicks Photo:  Manufactures custom photographic murals.

OMNOVA Solutions:  Manufactures Viewnique digital wallcoverings.

Paul Montgomery Murals & Wallpapers:  Manufactures custom murals and wallpaper.

Phillip Jeffries Ltd

Pictographics:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Piece, Ltd:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Planton Graphics:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Point Imaging

Quality Engineered Products:  Manufacture custom borders.

RJF International Corp.:  Manufactures Walltalkers, KOROWOOD, nu-vu-rite, erase-rite, mag-rite, just-rite grid, ez-rite, koro-rite, koro-rite metallics, design-rite, and tac-wall wallcovering.  These brands comprise dry erasable white board, projector screen, magnetic, wood veneer, and tac memo board wallcoverings.

Rainbow Creations, Inc:  Manufactures custom colored borders, custom borders, and custom colored wallpaper.

Raji RM & Associates:  Manufactures murals.

Redcliffe Imaging:  English wallpaper manufacturer.

Reed Photo-Imaging:  Manufactures custom photo murals.

RESINFLEX:  Italian Wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures acoustic and leather look wallpaper.

retrowalls.com:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Robert Crowder & Company:  Manufactures Scenic wallpaper murals.

Robus Leather:  Manufactures leather wallpaper.

Roos International, Ltd    Manufactures glass textile wallcovering, printed grasscloth, handcrafted wallcovering, 54" PVC free commercial wallcovering.

Rosie's Vintage Wallpaper:  Retailer of retro wallpaper.

Roysons Corporation:  Manufactures of acoustic and custom wallpaper.

SNA Graphics:  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

SR Wood, Inc:  Manufactures wood veneer, cork, white-board style, and Shenandoah leather wallpaper.

S-tech:  Korean wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures electromagnetic shielding wallpaper.

Sean Howard:  Manufactures Weathered Stone, Classical Collections, and custom wallpaper.

Secondhand Rose:  Retailer for antique/retro (1860-1970) and Frank Lloyd Wright wallpaper.

Shanghai Bimei Wallconverings Co., Ltd:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer.  Makers of B&M Wallcoverings.  Manufactures natural fiber and wood wallpaper.

Signgrafx:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Silk Papers:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures hand painted Scenic wallpaper.

Sincol of America:  Manufactures bridging material.

Specification Chemicals Inc:  Manufactures Nu-Wall, a fiberglass wall liner.

Stamford Murals:  Manufactures photographic and custom murals.

Stella Color:  Manufactures digital wallpaper.

Sterling Decor Concept, Inc

Stoney Brook Paper

Studio E

Stupell Industries, Inc:  Manufactures murals.

Surrealien:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom digital wallpaper.

Susan Harter:   Manufactures murals.

Suwalper Wallpaper Co:  Chinese wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures metallic wallpaper.

TapetenAgentur: German wallpaper manufacturer. Website is in German, use this to translate.

Tapetorama:  Swedish company.  Exclusive retailer of vintage wallpaper, mostly of Swedish manufacturers.  Website is in Swedish.

Tara Graphics:  Manufactures of custom photographic digital wallpaper.

Teamworks Wallcoverings Inc:  Manufactures NFL, NBA, NHL, Collegiate, and self-designed wallpaper.

Totally Custom Wallpaper:  Manufactures custom photo or artwork wallpaper and border.

Trademarx Wallcoverings Inc:  Manufactures wallpaper and border with NHL and Collegiate teams.

Tres Tintas:  Spanish wallpaper manufacturer.


Udecor8:  Manufactures digital borders.

Unique Designs and Decorative Finishes:  Manufactures murals.

Unilith:  German wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures photographic murals.

VYTech Industries Inc:  Manufactures wallpaper for RVs and manufactured homes.

Vahallan Papers

VenTec Ltd:  Manufactures ColorWall wood veneer wall coverings.

Victorian Collectibles, Ltd

Villani Leonello:  Italian wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures cork wallpaper.

Vitrulan:  Manufactures electromagnetic shielding wallpaper.

Voices of the Earth:  Manufactures custom wall coverings from close-up natural imagery.

Wacky World Studios, LLC:  Manufactures Biblical and religious murals.

walnut wallpaper:  Retailer of small designer wallpaper.

Wall Covering Designs:  Makers of acoustic and commercial wallpaper.

Wallcovering Industries, Inc:  Manufactures CurvCork cork, Curvwood wood veneer, and Panel Graphic wet erase wallpaper.

Wallpaper Designs by Donna-Lee:  Manufactures custom hand painted wallpaper and murals.

Wallpaper from the 70s:  German wallpaper manufacturer.

Wallsdécor:  Manufactures murals and custom murals.

Wallteriors:  Manufactures handcrafted wall covering with wrinkled & smooth textures, pre-cut shapes, panels, square, rectangle or torn.

Wall Words:   Manufactures self adhesive vinyl quotes & phrases for wall adornment.

Walls of the Wild:   Manufactures giant wildlife fine art wall decorations, cut-out and self adhesive.

Washington Wallcoverings:  Exclusive distributor of Scandecor murals.

Waterhouse Wallhangings, Inc:  Manufacturers custom reproduction historic wallpaper.

Watts of Westminster  English wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures custom wallpaper.

Weathered Stone:  Manufactures hand made stone look wallpaper.

White River Designs, Inc:  Manufactures blank borders and wallpaper for painting or stenciling, and custom wallpaper.

Wizard & Genius-Idealdecor AG:  Swiss wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufactures murals.

Wolff House Wallpapers LLC:  Manufactures reproduction and unique designed period wallpaper.

Wolf Gordon:  Manufactures custom and acoustic wallpaper.

Yangki:  Manufactures hand painted and custom colored wallpaper.

York Wallcoverings:  Manufactures Trompe L'oeil artistic wall décor pieces, 3-D blacklight designs, glow in the dark stars, dimensional sand finish designs, raised ink, grasscloth, metallic look, Italian suede, and 1 Step Designer Liner.

Zinc Studio:  Manufactures custom, digital, and photographic commercial wallpaper and murals.

Zuber et Cie:  French wallpaper manufacturer.  Manufacturers Scenic wall murals.

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